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Privacy Policy

  • For those items with big original colour box, sometimes we may not include the original colour box. It is because the original box sometimes is very soft which make the delivery not secure enough. We will pack the item with a thicker and harder carton. All the items included will be given to buyer without any doubt.
  • For the items with several choices of colour/style/pattern, we will try to meet your preference if you have specified during order placement. Otherwise, we will deliver the item with different colours/styles/patterns randomly.
  • In order to upgrade our service, we also sell those parts for buggy/radio of old version. We directly order them from original factory. Sometimes those parts may not be in production anymore. Even in stock, some items may take longer time for preparation for sending. Please kindly check the availability before bidding those items. Or if you need it urgently and cannot wait, please kindly not to purchase it from us.
  • For purchase of multiple items a time, we have offered 5% to 30% discount for combined shipping cost depends on the number of items you have bought. You are welcome to ask for the combined shipping cost before bidding to avoid unpleasant buying experience.